Craft Tools - Congratulation Card

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Today I'm going to share a special blog post about how to do a simple and cute card. It's easy and quick to make and I'll show you how to do it in the following step by step guide.

Let's start by the card kit available at Craft Tools.

You have the following equipments in the Card Kit:

1. 2 A2 size white textured 280 gsm card (51/2" by 41/4")
2. 3 Coloured Textured 210 gsm Cardstock (51/4" by 4")
3. 2 Embossed white textured 280 gsm cardstock (5" by 33/4")
4. 2 Coloured Circle stitched die cut with stamped Congratulations Sentiments
5. 6 Flowers
6. 2 Leaves
7. 5 Flowers Purple Embellishements

And here's the step by step guide:

With the use of adhesive (double sided tape), add the coloured cardstock on top of the A2 size card. Then add the embossed cardstock on top of the coloured cardstock with the use of normal adhesive.

Next is to add the flowers with the use of glue on top of the stitched die cut circle. 

You can choose your own style if you want. Then add the little leaves a bit in the middle of the first two flowers.

Then add the circle with the use of foam tape on the card just to make it have that little pop up fun. And your final work should look like the following. 

You can make atleast 2 cards of your own style with your Card Kit and it consists of some extra items for you to keep for your next project.

Hope you have fun creating.

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Have a nice weekend.


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