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Welcome to my Blog

Hi there,
Welcome to my Blog. 
So excited to commence sharing my creations with all of you!
You can call me Faz and I reside in Melbourne, Australia. Crafting is my dream and I can easily find myself spending hours on end designing and bringing my creations to life and I never get bored of it.
But why cards?
That's because I believe a card is a little note to remind someone of us and some good memories, to motivate and lift them. It makes the person realise that you are here even though you may be far away I really love creating cards and I love it most when I make it for someone who will smile back at me when they have a glance at it. I would say cardmaking is a beautiful and colorful world.
Well that was just a little message about my little world.

Hope you have fun reading my blog.
Will be sharing more about my cards soon.
Don't forget to leave a little comment on how you find my blog. Thank you!
Here's hoping you're having a lovely weekend whatever you may be gett…

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